Ute Tipper Kits

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Supplied – Full Kit Including All Parts, Nuts & Bolts

Dual Cab Only $3890 inc GST. – Fitting From $1100

Single Axle/ Space Cab Only $4090 inc GST. – Fitting From $1100

Need your ute to be a tipper? Don’t go out and buy a new ute – convert your existing vehicle into a tipper! Convert your ute into a tipper with a tipper kit from Adelaide Trailer Sales.

Adelaide Trailer Sales is the home of South Australia’s strongest best value trailers and now we are bringing you this high-quality Ute Tray Tipper Kit, Supplied and fitted for an amazingly low price.

The same high-quality product, top quality workmanship, and great customer service.

Kit Includes:

  • Assembled Hinged Subframe
  • Auto Tray Lock (Fitted to Subframe)
  • Safety Pins
  • Double Acting Tipper Cylinder (Fitted to Subframe)
  • Hose Burst Valve
  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Hydraulic Hose and Fittings
  • Universal Tray Mount Brackets and Hardware
  • Universal Power Unit Mount Bracket and Hardware
  • Main Power Cable
  • Assorted Cable Lugs and Heatshrink
  • Main Power Fuse
  • Main Isolator Switch
  • Universal Isolator Switch Mount Bracket
  • 2 Button Hand Piece with Cable
  • Hardware & Cable Ties

Steel Sub-Frame

Our kits consist of a strong, rigid steel sub-frame to give your tray the strength to handle the force required to lift the tray and the load it contains without twisting or breaking.

Powerful Hydraulics

The hydraulics power unit is mounted under your existing tray and provides the power to tip the tray at an evenly distributed load to approximately 46 degrees. It takes only 15 around seconds for the tray to reach 46 degrees and because the system is operated by a double acting electro-hydraulic circuit it comes down nice and fast too.

Safety Features

Our tipper kits have a host of built in safety features including:

1. Over load protection while lifting,
2. Hose burst protection and a
3. Unique automatic locking system
4. Safety Pins

The locking system mechanically locks the tray in the down position to prevent the tray from tipping in the event of an accident.

This lock also eliminates that annoying rattle that most tip trays display.

The safety pins are provided to lock the tray in the raised position and this means you can work under the tray without fear of injury.

DIY Kits Available

Get The Complete DIY Kit with nothing missing.

Our DIY tipper kits come with all the parts, bolts, washers, U-Bolts and other parts you need to fit your tipper kit.

The DIY kit is designed, to be fitted by anyone with basic tools and metal working knowledge.
When you buy a tipper kit from Adelaide Trailer Sales you get all of the parts you need to fit the kit – WITH NOTHING LEFT OUT.

Fitting Instructions

You can also expect to get comprehensive fitting instructions and any technical support you may need to fit your own kit.

Tipper Kit Specifications:


  • Approximately 46 degrees of tip angle
  • Suits most tray top utes
  • 12V Horizontal Mount Power Unit
  • Steel Reservoir
  • Uses your existing tray


  • Auto Tray Lock secures tray when lowered
  • Hose burst protection
  • Safety pins
  • Manual Override for Electric Valve
  • Built in factory pre-set Pressure Relief Valve

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