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At Adelaide Trailer Sales we offer more than just  Australia’s best built trailers. We also offer a comprehensive range of parts and  accessories to keep them in top shape and keep you on the road.

Over time it is inevitable that some trailer parts will need to be replaced. Brakes will wear lights and tyres will need to be replaced and working trailers will be damaged.

This is why at Adelaide Trailer Sales we also offer the trailer parts and accessories that we use to build our trailers, as parts for keeping them in prime shape.


Upgrading Your Existing Trailer

If you need to get more use out of your trailer but don’t want to invest in a new unit, it is possible to upgrade your existing one.

Trailer Cages

Trailer cages are something that can be added to standard box trailers to increase their capacity and usefulness. Caged trailers can be used for a number of things such as transporting livestock and large amounts of garden waste. Trailer cages are typically 600mm or 900mm high and come in a range of shapes and sizes from 6x4m to 10x5m.

View our trailer cages here

Trailer Brakes

Like in a car, the brakes of your trailer will wear down over time. At some point to ensure they will need to be replaced if you are to continue to operate your trailer safely. Trailers can come with disc brakes and electric brakes, we offer both in a kit. You may also wish to upgrade your brakes or add electric to trailers that didn’t originally have them. Adelaide Trailer Sales can do this for you in our workshop.

See our range of trailer brakes here

Trailer Couplings, Shackles and U Bolts

We also stock the small things that can be easily lost. D shackles and U bolts are essential to safely towing a trailer and it can be a real pain when you can’t find them. Fortunately we offer Aderlaide’s best prices on these essential safety items. We also have things like couplings and draw bar safety chains to make sure your trailer is safely hitched to your towing vehicle.

Find new couplings, D-shackles or U-bolts on our online store

Tow bars and Tow balls

If you’re just purchasing your first trailer you’ll need to make sure your vehicle can tow it.  Tow bars and tow balls are essential and can be easily fitted in our workshop. We also offer items like poly block adapters for cases where you may not have the right coupling on your towing vehicle.

Looking for new tow bars or tow balls? Look no further than Adelaide Trailer Sales!

Trailer Wheels and Tyres

Like in cars, the tyres of your trailers will wear away over time and need to be replaced. At Adelaide Trailer Sales we offer the same range of tyres as we use when we build our trailers. So if you need one replaced, we can offer it to you at one of the most competitive prices in the country.

Find our huge range of wheels and tyres here

Jockey wheels

Jockey Wheels are another essential trailer part.  A jockey wheel is mounted into a fixed bracket of a trailer’s A-Frame and takes the weight of the trailer when it is unhitched to the car. The benefit of jockey wheels is that they can be used to manoeuvre the trailer once it is unattached from its towing vehicle. Jockey wheels come in a variety of sizes depending on the kind of trailer they are used in, most commonly they will be found in the 6-10 inch range.

Find more jockey wheels here

Trailer Axles

In the case of damage you may need a new axle. They can be easily replaced here by our team at Adelaide Trailer Sales. We offer a range of axles in many sizes. If you need to replace an axle on a trailer you originally bought at Adelaide Trailer Sales, we use the same parts for maintenance as we do for the original build. It also means that we can offer the parts at some of the best prices in Australia.

See our range of axles

Trailer Lights

At Adelaide Trailer Sales, we offer all the solutions to your trailer lighting needs. With a huge range of LED turning lights, brake lights, side marker lights. and number plate lights, we have replacements for most common trailer lights. We also offer trailer reflectors, another essential lighting needed for your trailer. Reflectors will make sure your trailer is visible if it is parked on the side of the road at night, preventing damage and protecting your investment.

Find out trailer lights we have available

Trailer Plugs and Cords

Essential to operating your trailer properly, Adelaide Trailer Sales offers all you need to keep the electrical components of your trailer running. If you need your trailer’s lights running (which you do), it is essential to have the correct plug for the back of your car. There are both flat 7 pin plugs and round plugs that are common among trailers and towing vehicles, Adelaide Trailer Sales stocks both but in a pinch we also supply adapters that will let you use both. We also have all the wire needed for properly rigging your trailer lights to function properly.

Find new trailer plugs and cords on our online store

Electric Brake Controllers

In larger trailers it is common for an electric brake controller to be fitted. Most vehicle manufacturers will provide a braked and unbraked towing capacity. The brakes towing capacity is always higher, which means that larger trailers will need an effective way of braking to be towed properly. Electric brake controllers work off of a plug into your car and typically means you’ll be able to safely tow a larger load with your car.

Get a new electric brake controller here

Trailer Hubs

At Adelaide Trailer Sales we can supply you with wheel hubs in case of damage. We stock a large variety of hubs such as disk hubs, drum hubs and lazy hubs. We have hubs that are compatible with all kinds of trailers, not just the ones that were built by us.

See our range of hubs here

Coupling Locks

Secure your trailer with a coupling lock, the only way to be sure that your belonging is safe. Coupling locks are a cheap and simple method for preventing theft. If you need to leave your trailer somewhere overnight like a work site you might want to consider a coupling lock. The locks work simply by being slid over your trailer’s coupling, and utilise a simple locking mechanism and padlock.

See our trailer security devices

Body, Chassis & Metal Fab

For repairs and upgrades of trailers, we offer everything we build them with as accessories. This includes things like the sides, floors, reamps and hinges of the trailer and also various lengths of steel. We also have a large amount of chassis and draw bars. You’ll also find other common accessories like gas struts and springs.

Find our what we have in stock here

Trailer Add Ons

We offer accessories to be mounted to your trailer such as jerry can holders, motorbike rails and spare tyre holders. There are also other accessories such as winches that can be added. Adelaide Trailer Sales offers a huge range of ways to upgrade your trailer. Other options are trailer kits like our DIY trailer kit or tipper kit, which can be used to convert a regular tipper trailer into a hydraulic tipper. If we are building a custom trailer for you, we can add these during the construction process.

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